Landed a shark!

Alright, alright!

BOOM!  Big things are happening in just this short period of time.  I was able to land a big deal with a commercial real estate agent.  This person wants to manage his SEO, revamp his website, and run ads for him.  I was more than happy to do this for him even though it is in a bigger market than I would normally be comfortable in.  However, I simply compensated for the time and money it is going to take for this business to rank properly and get the business he wants from my services.  He was more than willing to spend the amount I asked for even though he made it a point to mention that I was the highest bid he had.  Ya know what though, he said that because I was the highest bid he knew that I was legit and would get this business flowing for him.

So, just a short period time in and I have managed to get the income from my side job to $3000/mo.  That doesn’t include the upfront fee this business paid me.  The best part is that this wasn’t even a business that was in my pipeline.  So I’ve still got an extra $4000/mo in my pipeline.  I can’t wait to land all of these deals so I can get my income to an extra $7000/mo.  That would literally double my income.

Now, what do I do with all that extra money?  Save it, invest it?  Hell no!  I take half to pay off debt and I take the other half to REINVEST into my business.  Most people thing that they need to save and save some more.  I challenge this belief and would rather increase my monthly income.  What is the point of having a few million dollars in the bank if all it gets you in a few thousand dollars a month?  I would much rather continue to reinvest my money in to things that will continue to pay me monthly for life.  I am the guy that wants $100,000/mo in income instead of having $3 million in the bank.

Ok, I’m done for now but keep checking back in to see the big things that are headed my way!